Loyalty: "faithfulness to commitments, obligations, a leader" Do you share = loyalty with your customers?

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  • Do you have questions and need help getting the answers?

    • How does your customer make their purchase decision? 

    • How often do they choose your competitor versus you?

    • How engaged is your employee with their role in the firm?

  • What are your goals?  One year? Five years?

  • What is your vision, mission, strategy, and tactics to get there?

  • What level of risk are you willing to take?  Your bandwidth to achieve the benchmarks?  Your return on the investment?

Acadia Business Advisors, LLC, collects and analyzes data to help our clients make more informed business decisions. Based upon the results, we develop strategies and management plans designed to provide measurable results through organizational development, change management, and both digital and traditional marketing strategies.  With over 25 years of experience leading successful start-ups and turnarounds, we apply our experience and vast network of resources to efficiently and effectively achieve results.  Our collaborative and consultative approach always put the client's needs first.  Marketing today involves measuring and increasing customer engagement through customer experience marketing.  This involves capturing and utilizing consistent customer feedback.  We help clients develop the strategy and manage the process to achieve the peak performance desired. 

Our Services:

Business Advisory Services

Market Research

Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Free initial one hour consult.

We practice the methodology of the Net Promoter Score™ to measure and elevate the customer experience and to create more highly engaged employees.   We integrate the results with a strategic on-line marketing plan. 
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